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Finding New Path

I’m a lecturer. A sentence that easy to say but really difficult to do. This March, I’m going to start a new activity, as a lecturer. Honestly, this has become my goal since I started my master. I do believe that I will gain so much if I become a lecturer. I’m not only educate … Continue reading


*an old article of mine, just wanna share 🙂 “Jangan belajar untuk menjadi sukses, tetapi untuk membesarkan jiwa…”, itulah arti dari salah satu naskah adegan dalam film 3 Idiots. Sebuah pemaknaan lebih dalam dari tujuan setiap manusia dalam menuntut ilmu.  Film 3 Idiots sendiri merupakan film Bollywood, bukan Hollywood, sehingga secara kualitas (saya tidak begitu … Continue reading


Bolero…a song from Japanese boyband, Tohoshinki. This song has a meaning that can inspire people to achieve their dreams…well, at least for me it does. In the middle of my thesis completion, this song always there in my playlist, accompanied me and gave me the spirit to finish it. For you who doesn’t know this … Continue reading

One Kiss

Song of the week for me… Reminds me of Bon Jovi and Aerosmith songs… It’s been long time since I heard song like this….never get bored to hear it… I think I’ve listened to this almost hundred times…couldn’t get stop…again, again, and again…*replay mode on I have imagination while listening to this…like I’m running in … Continue reading

Mahalnya Hidup di Brazil

Ini adalah bagian pertama dari rangkaian cerita yang ingin aku bagi tentang pengalaman singkat hidup di Brazil. To get the whole story you can check this page (A Piece of Memory in Brazil). ***** Di Brazil, aku tinggal di Kota Niteroi, dekat dengan Kota Rio de Janeiro, kota terbesar kedua setelah Kota Sao Paulo. Aku … Continue reading

again…the beginning

it’s been along time since I write something… new blog… hopefully, this time she won’t be left alone by me let’s begin our journey..together!